What We Do

We take pride in providing creative design that beyond expectation to meet our client needs.

We supply various types of signage including acrylic board, metal board, stainless steel board and 3D box up signage with various effects.

We provide outdoor signages such as light box signage, metal board, stainless steel board, 3D box up and banner signage.

We also provide printing solutions for business collateral ranging from name cards, letterheads, envelopes, invitation cards, membership cards, and etc...

We print wall sticker, glass sticker, car sticker, booth of exhibition, outdoor banner signage and many more.

We will set up the venue arranged by you and transform it into your desired perfect event atmosphere. Our well-trained personnel will ensure the success of any events entrusted to us.

Our Clients

Our Works

KC Creative Design offers strategic and creative design solutions for businesses across various industries.
We are creative, experienced and competent to provide one stop solution of graphic design, printing and signage maker to build your unique business identity and recognition.
We provide our customers with up-to-date, high quality, high impact and cost-effective design solutions.